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Title : PSY - 452 - 0101 Experimental Psychology Topic 3 Quiz

Instructions :

Complete Quiz 3 which is made up of multiple-choice questions. To study for this quiz, review the Topic 3 textbook readings and the lecture. The quiz can be taken at any time during Topic 3 but it must be completed by the end of Topic 3.

Description :

1. If there is a +.20 correlation between SAT scores and high school GPA, SAT scores account for _____ % of the fluctuation in GPA. 2. __________ statements can be either true or false. 3. Falsifiable means that a hypothesis is: 4. Which of the following is a non-experimental hypothesis? 5. Longitudinal designs can be challenging due to: 6. The ability to recognize the importance of an unexpected observation is most relevant to: 7. Which could be used as a "treatment" in a quasi-experiment? 8. __________ is reasoning from specific cases to general principles. 9. If a researcher studies the effectiveness of anti-drug commercials by comparing the self-reported frequency of drug use among teens six months before and six months after the commercial aired, she is using a(n) _____ design. 10. Which of these correlations would permit the most accurate prediction?